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Fans are modding Red Dead Redemption into GTA5

Spurring on.

A team of fans are trying to mod Red Dead Redemption's vast map into Grand Theft Auto 5.

The project's name? Red Dead Redemption V.

It's not been easy, but the fans behind the project believe they can release a playable beta version in time for the summer.

One modder has already put two years' worth of work into getting Rockstar's Western world up and running. The project is being led by programmer Mr. Leisurewear, who has now reverse engineered much of Red Dead's map into a workable state.

Totally Mexico.

A team of other coders are working on map editing, visuals, textures and the game's day/night cycle.

Posting on GTA Forums, the team are currently looking for help from experienced programmers who might be able to replicate other elements of Red Dead, such as its bullet-time Dead Eye feature.

Red Dead Redemption V is intended for us with the game's third-party multiplayer clients, the team state, and not in the official GTA Online (any modding of which Rockstar usually shuts down very quickly).

Red Dead's Armadillo town.

Rockstar famously never bothered to release Red Dead Redemption on PC - much to the chagrin of PC players. This reworking would be the first time it has been playable in some form.

Red Dead Redemption 2, announced last year and teased via a brief trailer, isn't coming to PC either - at least not to start with. It's due this autumn for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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