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Factor 5 boss backs Sixaxis, Wii

Wii went "extra 10,000 miles".

Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht has paid tribute to Sony and Nintendo for introducing motion sensor controls in their next generation consoles, arguing that it's "the next logical evolution" and critical to the success of the developer's next game, Lair.

"For me, I am not in the rumble camp. I am in the motion control camp. Give me the choice any day and I will choose it as the next logical evolution," Eggebrecht told San Jose Mercury News.

"You get more disk space with Blu-ray. You get more CPU power with Cell. The pixel shaders with RSX. What changes about the controller?

"That's my one gripe with the Xbox 360. It is very nicely done. Don't get me wrong. On the controls, nothing changed. Sony and Nintendo went the extra mile. Nintendo went the extra 10,000 miles. But Sony said we have to have something fresh in every area."

But while the PlayStation 3-exclusive Lair is coming along nicely thanks very much and uses Sixaxis as the basis for its aerial dragon combat controls, Eggebrecht warns against overdoing motion control.

"The history of the game shows you can overdo Sixaxis support. At the Tokyo Game Show, we had a version where you could use Sixaxis controls on the ground. That was forcing something that didn’t feel natural," he admits. "Flight is natural because you have a wider range of motion than you could ever have with a stick. On the ground, you are used to the analogue stick."

"You have to balance it. Use traditional controls where applicable and integrate motion control as one more tool. With Lair, we believe you get the complete PS 3 experience which does include Sixaxis."

Eggebrecht also reckons that the Sixaxis is "surprisingly subtle in realising the motion". "You get very detailed curves out of it. It works great for the gestures. The gestures are heaven sent."

For more of his views on Sixaxis, as well as some knowingly controversial comments about Unreal Engine and how it compares to Lair's technology, check out the rest of the interview.

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