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Fable III has no combat for 30 mins

Molyneux worried this is too long.

Peter Molyneux is in a pickle: he's worried that having no combat during the first half-hour of Fable III could be a problem.

"Been playing the opening of Fable III," Tweeted the Lionhead boss. "I am slightly worried that there is no combat for the first 30 mins. Is this too long? Thoughts."

Fable II began with the main character as a child, playing with her sister in the city of Bowerstone - and more importantly getting to grips with the controls.

How Fable III will begin we do not know. The first-half of the game will be spent rising up against and overthrowing evil King Logan, after which the rule of Albion will become your task.

One of Molyneux's ambitious new features for the games is a touch system where heroes can physically drag other characters around the game world. There may be no combat for the first 30 minutes of Fable III, but we expect there'll be plenty of touching.

Fable III is due out this autumn exclusively on Xbox 360. Our gamepage below has all our coverage so far.