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Fable III: Coin Golf announced for WP7

Game Room going mobile too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has announced Fable III: Coin Golf, a spin-off of Lionhead's adventure franchise for the Windows Phone 7.

Details on what exactly is involved were scant during the reveal at Microsoft's CES keynote in Las Vegas, but the platform holder did confirm cash earned in the mobile game will carry over to Fable III on the Xbox 360.

Elsewhere in the presentation, a number of other new titles were announced for Microsoft's smartphone OS, including a portable version of Xbox 360's Game Room portal. Centipede, Shao-Lin's Road, Time Pilot, Lunar Lander, Pitfall and Asteroids are the six vintage titles you'll be able to access through the service.

A showreel also offered fleeting glimpses of Pocket God, Pro Evoultion Soccer, Fruit Ninja, Star Wars Cantina, Pac-Man, Halo Waypoint and Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles HD, among others.

No firm release dates were announced for any of the titles

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