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Fable 2: "revelation" at GDC

Lionhead releases first art.

Lionhead has said today that Peter Molyneux's Fable 2 keynote at GDC in San Francisco will provide a "surprise and a revelation" for those following the sequel's development.

"It's supposed to be like a surprise and a revelation at GDC itself," a spokesperson for the company told Eurogamer this afternoon.

The exact time and date of Molyneux's "Innovations in Fable 2" speech is still TBD, but it will take place at the Conference which runs from 5-9th March, 2007.

Lionhead today also released the first artwork for the game, the only peak we've had at what's going on besides a short teaser trailer.

The title itself is a sequel to the 2004 free-roaming RPG, Fable, in which your actions genuinely affect your character and your surroundings.

Naturally Molyneux has something outrageous and ground-breaking planned, and we're enigmatically promised that his GDC keynote address won't be another drip-feeding session. Perhaps we'll even see some assets.

Aside from saying there's going to be a revelation, though, Lionhead's staying fully tight-lipped on what you're going to see. "I think it would be rather a shame to be talking about the game at GDC and not release anything," the spokesperson added.