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F-Zero arrives on Switch as a battle royale

Silence over.

Screenshot of F-Zero 99
Image credit: Nintendo

The long-awaited return of F-Zero is finally upon us, but as a battle royale.

F-Zero 99 is available now as an exclusive for Switch Online members.

Similarly to Tetris 99 and Super Mario 99, F-Zero will see 99 players racing together on the same track.

F-ZERO 99 - Nintendo Switch OnlineWatch on YouTube

The series is known for its frantic 30-player races, but 99 is a big jump upwards.

If that seems a lot, collecting Super Sparks when machines collide will allow players to boost upwards to a special path called the Skyway, providing a clear route to overtake and take the lead.

It's all presented in the same pixel style as the original F-Zero game on the SNES.

Courses and machines from that original game will be available to race on. Completing goals while racing will unlock new cosmetics.

It's not exactly the return F-Zero fans were hoping for, but I'll take it. Let's just hope this isn't a temporary release as the other 99 games ended up being.

See you on the track.

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