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Expect more Journey to the Savage Planet as shuttered dev Typhoon Studios reforms as Raccoon Logic

Makes sense.

More Journey to the Savage Planet is in the offing, with its original developer Typhoon Studios reforming as Raccoon Logic.

Typhoon closed its doors earlier this year when Google shut down its internal Stadia studios just 14 months after the streaming tech's high-profile launch.

Cover image for YouTube videoJourney to the Savage Planet Launch Trailer

Raccoon Logic is the new Montreal-based studio that is, essentially, the Google-acquired Typhoon Studios reborn. It has secured a "large" initial investment from Chinese megacorp Tencent, and regained the intellectual property rights for Journey to the Savage Planet.

This means the team can "hit the ground running on new adventures in the action adventure space", a note to press read.

The co-founders of Raccoon Logic are Alex Hutchinson, Reid Schneider, Yannick Simard, Erick Bilodeau and Marc-Antoine Lussier, all of whom worked at Typhoon.

"We're excited to be back in the indie space, making the games we truly believe in with an amazing new team," Hutchinson said.

"The early investment from Tencent is a huge boost, meaning we can do significant work on our own before we start talking to publishers. We love systemic games, games with a sense of humour and a big heart, and games with strong flavours that get reactions from players. We're going to keep pushing on those ideas and we'll have something to show soon!"

Studio head Schneider said Raccoon plans to "build upon the Journey to the Savage Planet franchise in the future". That sounds very much like a sequel is in development.

Journey to the Savage Planet came out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2020, published by 505 Games (check out our review for more) just a month after Google bought Typhoon. The idea then was future games from Typhoon would be Stadia exclusive. Journey to the Savage Planet eventually launched on Stadia in February this year - the same month Google canned its internal development effort.