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Evolution recounts MotorStorm launch

"We did the right thing when we delayed it."

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MotorStorm: Apocalypse developer Evolution Studios has recounted the PlayStation 3 exclusive's troubled launch following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan.

Last month Sony postponed the UK launch of MotorStorm: Apocalypse just days before it was due to go on sale.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe noted the unfortunate similarities between Apocalypse's fictional setting and the tragic events of March.

"We are very conscious of the parallels between these events and the underlying theme in MotorStorm and are doing everything we can to be as sensitive as possible to the situation," Sony said at the time.

Now, two weeks after the game's revised Thursday, 31st March launch, game director Matt Southern has spoken of the impact the earthquake had on those who worked on it.

"The timing of MotorStorm Apocalypse hasn't exactly been ideal," he wrote on the European PlayStation Blog. "I remember waking on the morning of the Friday, near the end of what was already a pretty heavy week gearing up for European release, switching on the news and being stunned. My first thought wasn't for the game, but for our Japanese producer and his family.

"Just a short while after the devastation he emailed me to apologise for having to suspend the ongoing tests for MotorStorm! That sums him up, and his fellow countrymen – courageous, unflappable and so gracious, even in the face of such tragedy. It really put everything into perspective. We did the right thing when we decided to delay it."

Today, Southern announced the first add-on for MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Fans have two weeks from today to grab the Supercar Elite, which Southern describes as the ultimate 'Stormer status symbol, before it's gone forever.

"This is lightning-fast eye candy, with a completely unique look – play online and you will stand out in an instant as a dedicated Lunatic, and no-one will dare bet against you."

Due out in the next fortnight is a strobe laser livery and amplified artwork design. "This party piece will only be around when there's something to commemorate, so grab yours while it's there," Southern added.

Another add-on is in the works. "Some amazing updates are coming real soon – a brand new track with more than one version (including another night race), the Mode Editor and so much more."

Oli Welsh reviewed MotorStorm: Apocalypse for Eurogamer, awarding it 8/10. "It works because it's not subtle," he wrote. "Not much about Apocalypse is, from the crushing orchestral dubstep soundtrack, through the astounding visual assault of bounding cars, flying masonry, landslides, dust clouds, twisters and moody, filtered light, to its sheer breakneck speed. But beneath all this clamour you can detect the stable, confident hum of a decent racing series finding its feet – in its improved boost mechanic, substantial feature set and streamlined campaign."

MotorStorm Apocalypse's Supercar Elite.

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