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Eve Online maker CCP to train new players itself

First PVP lesson today at 5pm AAATEENNNTIION.

Eve Online is a daunting MMO to launch into. It's old, it's big, it's complicated and it's slow - you're not in Azeroth any more. And that puts some people off.

That's why game maker CCP has had the bright - or sadistic - idea of training new players itself.

Behold, the New Player Training Sessions - hour-long "seminars" grouped around a monthly topic.

"You smell that?"

The first topic is player versus player combat, and covers everything from fighting to earning ISK to being a part of a fleet. Sessions are at 5pm UTC/GMT and start today (10th October) and run through to 19th November.

Head to the New Player Training Session channel in the game to take part. Note that while the Sessions themselves last an hour, organised fleets and social activities stretch on another couple of hours.

"But why are we doing this?" CCP Eterne wrote. "The simple fact is a lot of players come into the game and are overwhelmed by what they find. Teaching them in a structured fashion like this can help them get into New Eden more quickly and get them out there interacting with other players.

"Your corporations and alliances will benefit, either by having better-trained recruits, more informed customers, or even targets more willing to come out and fight you."

Those of you who are already experts at Eve Online are more than welcome to get involved at help out. "Rookies are our future and we hope you'll work with us to make that so!"

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