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Eve Online is playing host to "gaming's largest conflict ever"

Pick a side.

Space MMO Eve Online is playing host to gaming's largest conflict ever, according to developer CCP Games.

Over 60,000 players are facing off as part of what's been dubbed the next great war in Eve Online.

Two major battles have already taken place in a virtual war that has sparked everything from player-created propaganda to recruitment videos.

CCP released a developer blog about the war, showcasing the 28th March "Battle of M-OEE8". This was the second largest battle in Eve Online history, behind 2014's infamous "Bloodbath of B-R5RB". It saw 5806 pilots get stuck in to a single battle that lasted for several hours. The image, below, shows what the scrap looked like.

The ongoing conflict has a few names: the Easter War, Northern War, World War Bee, and the Mercenary Wars. Whatever the name, it revolves around two opposing forces: the Imperium Coalition and the wonderfully-named Moneybadger Coalition.

Why are they fighting? Here's a summary, courtesy of Reddit user ShadowPhynix:

The video, below, offers a useful summary:

Cover image for YouTube videoEVE Online: What Is The Northern War (aka World War Bee)?

What happens next? CCP expects even larger battles involving super capital ships to take place over chokepoints and staging systems.

One to watch!