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EVE Online gets TV show

Sadly it's not Button Moon.

EVE Online fans will now be able to keep up with current events by tuning into to EVE TV.

The show - a weekly on-demand Internet TV broadcast - will provide news on skirmishes, market trends and human interest stories, along with exclusive interviews.

It's been put together by the producers of the game's official magazine, working in collaboration with EVE creators CCP, having originally been conceived to broadcast from last year's EVE Online Alliance PVP Tournament.

MMM Publishing's Oliver Skelding says it's a "world first". "EVE TV is focused on player-led news and events and provides unparalleled access to behind-the-scenes information about the game," he said.

CCP's Magnus Bergsson added: "EVE Online is a universe run by its inhabitants and as such produces epic and diverse events that need to be reported in the same way they are in real life.

"EVE TV is the ideal medium for such reporting as it offers independent and timely information to the players and CCP itself."

For more on EVE TV and to catch Episode 1, head to www.eve-online.tv.

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