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Eve Online expansion Odyssey being released 4th June

Space exploration to be much meteor.

Eve Online's 19th free expansion, Odyssey, will be released on 4th June.

Broadly, it's all about exploration. Scanning has been rethought allowing you to uncover the secrets of the Eve Online universe - if you're brave and patient enough to go find them.

User-interfaces have been improved, as have graphics.

CCP mentioned redistributing resources across its Eve Online universe as well, which should shake up conventions and potentially establish new hot-spots for a good dust up.

Some ship-types have been redesigned and there are new "tools of war" issued by the four factions. Star bases have been improved, too.

CCP's info for Odyssey is sparse at the moment, with the promise of more to come. Plus, there's to be "a few surprises".

"Odyssey is an expression of our love for space and exploration," said Eve senior producer Andie Nordgren. "It brings changes that will wake the wanderlust and taste for adventure in both new and veteran pilots."

Eve Online turns 10 years old in May. Remarkably, not only has the game survived that long, it's survived as a subscription MMO for that long.

It's been growing, too: CCP announced that Eve Online had passed the 500,000 subscriber mark recently.