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EVE Online enters Empyrean Age

Chose your allegiance in the faction war.

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CCP has set the Empyrean Age expansion live for EVE Online.

The giant game-server was back in business late last night, and will now welcome you into a story-driven war between the four major factions within the universe.

CCP has said it wants to encourage more people to fire lasers and other space weaponry at each other, by having them gain standing or complete missions for factions that put them in the line of fire.

The Empyrean Age expansion is free to download and also adds a new area of space for you to explore, Black Rise.

EVE Online launched just over five years ago in Europe and nestles in an MMO niche reserved for long-term time investments by a more serious user-base.

Space has changed considerably for the game over the years, most recently with a graphical overhaul and revamped introduction in the Trinity expansion.

Head over to our EVE Online gamepage to find out more, such as how CCP has put together a player-voted council to voice concerns on behalf of its users at regular meetings with the developer.

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