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EVE Online art book for August

Yours for USD 50, says CCP.

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Icelandic developer and publisher CCP is to release an EVE Online art book this summer, priced USD 50, to be made available from its online store.

"If I remember correctly we're going to price it at USD 50, but I'll have to confirm that," said producer Lina Ingvarsdottir. "We're going to sell it through the EVE store... We'll hopefully have copies in the office in July and put it on sale in August. I haven't got a date 100 percent confirmed, but that's the release time-frame: August."

The project - the first handled by Ingvarsdottir that ties together staff from CCP's Icelandic office and the newly-acquired White Wolf office in Atlanta, Georgia - is also the first designed to bring the space-based MMO franchise into physical form.

"We weren't really worried about the compatibility of people, but we used it as a project to figure out how to set up the processes and how we should do it," said Ingvarsdottir.

Other EVE-based products will follow. Nothing's been decided as yet, but a betting man would probably go short on a novel. Whatever it is, it's going to be high quality.

"There's nothing directly after this project, but we're hoping to bring EVE to any form that adapts to the EVE World," said Ingvarsdottir. "We don't want to just slam the EVE logo on everything and sell it. In the past, we've been quite protective of the brand. As you can see from our t-shirts, there's not a huge variety of stuff."

Just remember: novel. What did we say? Novel. Not confirmed, or 'owt. Novel.

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