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EVE kills Windows dead

Trinity patch sentenced to life.

CCP has pushed a faulty update on its EVE Online community, one which tampers with a crucial Windows file and breaks computer hearts.

The good news is it has been fixed and those of you eager to enjoy the graphical overhaul and new features in the Trinity update can do so now without risk.

The bad news is for those of you who installed the patch before 4am on Thursday, have two hard drives and the secondary using a version of Windows that is not Vista. If that is you, start panicking but do not restart your computer. Oh and calm down.

Instead, head to the EVE website and follow the instructions to fix your problem. Ominously this begins, "Verify if you are missing your boot.ini". Good luck.

The Trinity update brings with it the mentioned visual overhaul - you can use still use standard graphics if you like - as well as five new classes of ship: Heavy Interdictors, Electronic Attack Ships, Black Ops and Jump Freighters. Pat would be excited.