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Eve Incarna multiplayer "this year"

More Captain's Quarters "next few months".

The multiplayer phase of massive Eve Online expansion Incarna will be added "this year", senior producer Arnar Gylfason has confirmed.

The suggestion is that developer CCP will aim this "next big evolution" for the traditional annual winter expansion slot.

There's more Incarna-focused content coming before then, too.

"We're going to see more Captain's Quarters, more racial variants of Captain's Quarters added in the next few months," said Gylfason during a CCP press conference Eurogamer participated in last night.

"The next phase of Incarna will be the multiplayer establishments, and I really don't think I can give any solid time-line on that just yet. But we're looking at this year, definitely, for the next big evolution on that front."

Gylfason's comments support CCP's previously announced plans to focus on the human avatar portion of Eve over the course of the next few expansions.

Incarna, once known as Walking in Stations and Ambulation, allows human avatars to explore interior environments. It's the update CCP has been working on for five years.

Currently Incarna extends to plodding around Captain's Quarters. But the multiplayer phase of Incarna will allow player avatar interaction - and who knows what possibilities that will bring?