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EVE Fanfest set for November

As 67,000 spaceships disappear.

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CCP has said its annual EVE Fantest will take place from 6th to 8th November in Reykjavik.

The event gives the developer a chance to reveal what the future holds for the online space-world, as well as celebrate the game by running tournaments and dressing girls up like aliens.

Early Bird packages are up and running for the US, Holland and Germany, and can save you a bob or two if you book before 15th June.

The dates of the event come days after a rather spectacular disaster in the world of EVE, which saw around 67,000 spaceships mysteriously disappear from the busy trading hub of Jita.

CCP is yet to issue an explanation over the catastrophe, causing rumours to spiral as high as the developer trying to kick start an in-game war ahead of the more story-focused expansion The Empyrean Age.

There's no release date for the expansion just yet.

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