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Dark Souls! Ridge Racer! Butlers!

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This week's podcast sees us journeying to exotic Dubai. All right, talking to two people who've recently been to exotic Dubai, mainly about the video games they saw there.

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Joining Tom Champion and deputy editor Ellie Gibson is Namco Bandai's Lee Kirton. Yeah, he's a suit, but he doesn't wear a tie. Or a suit.

Kirton recently took a bunch of journalists to Dubai for Namco's Level Up event. Christian Donlan was that bunch, and he joins us in the "studio" to tell us all about it. Tune in to find out just how hard it is to cope when the personal butler in your seven-star hotel doesn't have any paracetamol.

More importantly, we discuss how top titles like Dark Souls and Ridge Racer: Unbounded are shaping up, and why you might be surprised by what the next Ace Combat game has to offer.

There's some chat about the Modern Warfare 3 leak, and we quiz Kirton on whether there are any plans for an Enslaved sequel. Look out too for a bit of Introversion-related awkwardness.

It's Kirton who is off to Sandy Isle this week, shamelessly opting to take one of his own company's video games along with him. We reveal the results of last week's Brink-based metabet and predict the score for L.A. Noire.

Finally, David's busy with the National Farmers' Union and preparing for a couple of days' work at Lower Loxley. He's optimistic that if the weather holds he can start silaging in a week or so as well.

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