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Halo! XCOM! Bungie! Plus: pro tips on getting a job in the games industry.

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Hello! Welcome back to the Podcast, this week brought to you at the slightly earlier time of [whenever this is] because a big-name publisher has stolen our Tuesday 3pm publication slot for its Gamers Day press embargo, and we don't want boring triple-A games busting the podcast off the homepage top slot. No sir.

This week host Tom Champion locks horns with editor Tom Bramwell, developer Craig Munro, and our special guest: games industry recruitment legend James Grant, a man who has got more people into a games industry job than whiplash and a towel. James takes questions from you lot about how to get a job. Want to know about university courses? Salaries? That sort of thing? Get stuck in, because it's all in there.

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Of course, it wouldn't be the podcast without temporally bewildered discussions about things that were in the process of happening during recording, so we flap about trying to put the Halo: Reach beta in context after 15 minutes of play, discuss James's fascination with the ageing XCOM - sorry, X-Com - and debate Bungie's decision to get into a bed of money with ageing billionaire Activision.

Following popular demand, we also talk about iPhone games for more than 60 seconds, discuss Realtime Worlds' ambitious plans and pricing schemes for APB, which we'd just learned is due out in Europe on 2nd July, and pretend we know more than just the name for Call of Duty: Black Ops (the podcast was recorded eight hours before the trailer debuted).

As ever, amazing scenes.

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The Podcast goes out every Tuesday at 3pm BST. Except today, obviously, when it's gone out earlier. Join us next week for whatever we manage to cobble together in the meantime.

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