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Eternal Sonata PS3 confirmed

Due in 2008.

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Tri-Crescendo's sought-after role-playing game Eternal Sonata has finally been confirmed for PS3.

That's according to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu (pointed out by Kotaku), which claims to have been given the go-ahead to report on it from publisher Namco Bandai. Go ahead, it probably said.

It follows musical news from yesterday that Namco Bandai had listed a PS3 version of the game on its website, before it removed it to stop us all phoning up and asking what was going on.

Eternal Sonata is loosely based around the final hours of famous composer Frederic Chopin's life, in which he is said to have entered a dream world filled with other people suffering from incurable diseases (his was tuberculosis).

Atari will be publishing the 360 version here in October, while Famitsu believes the PS3 offering will be available sometime next year (in Japan first, then Europe).

Pop over to our Eternal Sonata gamepage for our recent thoughts on how it's shaping up.

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