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Endless Shadow Wars confirmed for first Shadow of War DLC

There and back again.

Developer Monolith has confirmed infinite Shadow Wars will arrive with Shadow of War's first DLC - the Slaughter Tribe.

The news was confirmed during a Monoloith Shadow of War live stream. You can watch a clip of the announcement below:

Though the Slaughter Tribe DLC costs money, the endless Shadow Wars will come as a free update alongside it.

Shadow Wars are the end game for Shadow of War. Once the game is finished, each of your fortresses comes under attack one at a time from Orc tribes. Players attempt to hold control points to stop the base falling into enemy hands while taking out waves of rival captains or warchiefs.

If you successfully hold the fortress then the Shadow Wars advance and you must defend the next one, however, if you fail, you must work to retake your base. Here's a video with a much better explanation from Eurogamer's Johnny Chiodini:

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Infinite Shadow Wars is something fans have been requesting for some time (there was even a petition for the feature). Adding infinite Shadow Wars should give the title additional replay value as previously there was a cut off for the number of Shadow Wars players could take part in.

There is currently no release date for the Slaughter Tribe DLC.

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