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Elebits due here this spring

Gets a new name.

Konami's Nintendo Wii debut Elebits will launch in Europe this spring, but you won't be able to find it under that name - instead the game you'll be looking for is "Eledees".

Think about it.

There you go. Eledees sounds as though it's functionally the same as its American counterpart, which means that you'll use the Wiimote controlled Capture Gun to try and track down misbehaving Eledees in various scenes, with more than 25 single-player stages.

Along with a four-player multiplayer mode, there's also an in-depth Edit Mode that allows you to create your own stages and share them with other players using the WiiConnect24 service.

For more on Eledees, be sure to check in with our US import review.

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