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Elden Ring's gargoyle enemies are actually made of human flesh

Stony faced.

Soulsborne players will be familiar with gargoyle enemies, which recur throughout the games.

Usually they're made of stone but in Elden Ring, they appear to be made of conjoined human flesh. Lovely!

YouTuber Zullie the Witch has made this latest grotesque discovery, zooming in on the Valiant Gargoyles bosses.

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On close inspection, the heads of the gargoyles are actually two faces merged together.

What's more, there's a clear divide between their artificial gargoyle wings and their skin. Along the body are seams where mismatched skin has been grafted together.

Zullie suggests this skin may be held together by corpse wax. The description of the Gargoyle's Greatsword weapons states: "Just like the wielder, the missing parts have been mended with corpse wax; a patchwork of champions."

What's also interesting is the implications for other characters. Were the Living Jar enemies - filled with body parts and sealed - designed to create corpse wax? Were the Furled Finger items also made from this wax? Are the broken and neglected gargoyles enemies elsewhere in the world part of this process?

And does the importance of corpse wax explain how Godrick grafted a dragon head to his arm?

Zullie the Witch has already discovered plenty of secrets in Elden Ring, including unmasking the game's NPCs.

Elden Ring - The grotesque origin of the Gargoyles.

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