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EGTV: Fable 2

It's all about love.

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Lingering lovingly on Eurogamer TV this morning is a new developer diary for Fable 2.

In it, we go behind the scenes at Lionhead and learn about the importance of love in the game.

"You feeling loved is really important to us," harps creator Peter Molyneux.

And he's not alone, joined by a handful of key members of staff who each flesh out ways in which you'll feel that all important inner glow in Fable 2. There's romance, for instance, which will gradually build up between you and another character as you engage them in conversation, buy them gifts, and even go on walks with them.

And then there's that dog - the one Peter Molyneux unveiled at GDC - something he's particularly proud of.

"We could have given you this dog and made him controllable by you, that would have been the easy thing to do," Molyneux added. "But we've been brave about this, we've given you no control over the dog."

Instead it will respond to how you treat it. It's "man's best friend" that will love you unconditionally, throwing itself into battle to protect you and following you unquestioningly down either good or evil paths.

The trailer also has some in-engine footage at the end, and it's all looking very nice. But we've been down this hype-machine road before, so we'll remain sceptical. Will it be mindless "thumb-candy", as one developer describes other games, or something more? We shall see.

Fable 2 is due for release on Xbox 360 in 2008.

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