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EGTV: Exclusive Hellgate videos

Here be dragons, well, demons.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hellgate might be a bit like Diablo and similar to Titan Quest, but then it is made by ex-Blizzard staff. Besides, Diablo was fantastic anyway - and now we have sumptuous graphics to dress it in.

The game has been out for a week already and we have given you our review, but to take it one step further we thought we would capture footage of us playing it to give you an idea of what you can really expect.

The English footage, best served with fish and chips, shows our heroic warrior Bertie go from creation to world renowned hero. Along the way he levels up - as you might expect - and fiddles around with skill trees, statistics and his inventory. He also chats to other people in tube stations to gather-up some quests and ventures through a hellgate to take on some big, named nasties.

Key points to notice are how skilful this Bertie character is at dispatching the hordes of demons, as he uses his left-click attack that restores health over time for each enemy killed, and right-stick blade flurry-like ability - as well as medical kits and some other attack, too. That is just the tip of the iceberg, too, and it all gets bigger and more complicated as you go.

Not content with that footage, then you can head over to Eurogamer Germany and Eurogamer France for an alternative look at what we got up to. No two videos are the same, you should remember, so each time you plug-in you will be rewarded.

Hellgate: London was released last Friday to solid critical reception - pop over to our review to find out more.

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