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EA signs top British writer Morgan

Sci-fi wizard working on three games.

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Award winning British author Richard K. Morgan has been hired by EA to oversee the stories of three new games.

Morgan, author of Altered Carbon (Philip K. Dick Award) and Black Man (Arthur C. Clarke Award), confirmed that the projects will all be science fiction, and he's rather over excited about his new position.

"Video-gaming is the only thing in my life that I would fully qualify as an addiction. I like a fairly limited number of games (there's an awful lot of dross out there), but those I like, I really like, and will play them until the game paths, enemy spawning points and scripted incidentals are graven into my synapses," wrote Morgan on his blog.

"One producer I'm working with at the moment likens what we're doing to working in Hollywood circa 1920, when everyone was still working out what you could do with this wild, new medium called film; the only difference is that the rate of evolution in technique for video games is running at about a dozen times the speed it ever did for film. The field is open, the potential huge and, in story terms, only just beginning to be properly tapped

For a writer, that's a pretty close definition of paradise," he added.

Morgan stops short of clarifying what the games will be, although EA has a stable of science fiction-based IP he could work on: Command & Conquer and Rage, for instance.

The writer could also be consulting on the mysterious Project RedLime, in development at Starbreeze Studios, as well as helping pen the confirmed continuation of the Dead Space series.

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