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Two more Dead Space games coming

Plus: big screen adaptation on the way.

Electronic Arts is working on two more Dead Space games plus a movie adaptation of the survival horror series.

That's according to a Variety report which states, "EA launched the game in 2008 and is working on the second and third instalments."

The report also reveals D.J. Caruso has signed up to helm a Dead Space film. Caruso previously directed 2008 thriller Eagle Eye starring Shia TheBeef.

The film's a way off yet: "The producers, EA and Caruso have been listening to takes from prospective screenwriters, and once they set a writer and EA signs off on a creative direction, they will auction the property to studios," Variety reports. "That will likely happen in early September."

There's no word on when the other two games are out. However, one of them might be Dead Space: Extraction, due for an exclusive Wii release this October.