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EA responds to Fox News nonsense

"A new level of recklessness."

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Electronic Arts has written a letter to Fox News Channel asking the media company to correct alleged inaccuracies that appeared during a recent segment on Bioware's Mass Effect game.

The letter, obtained by Kotaku, was written by Jeff Brown, EA's VP of communications.

"As the parent company of BioWare, the studio which created the game, EA would like you to set the record straight on a number of errors and misstatements which incorrectly characterise the story and character interactions in Mass Effect," Brown wrote.

The headline for Fox's televised story indicated that Mass Effect showed full digital nudity, with a reporter indicating that the game allowed players to engage in graphic sex and was being marketed to kids and teenagers.

EA's letter described the game's content - comparing the sexual content to that of network television - and made it clear that the game was rated Mature.

Mass Effect was initially banned in Singapore due to the inclusion of a sex scene between a human woman and a female alien, but that ban was later overturned and the game was released under an M18 rating.

The scene gained media attention and attracted some criticism, leading up to Monday's segment on Fox News television.

"As videogames continue to take audiences away from television, we expect to see more TV news stories warning parents about the corrupting influence of interactive entertainment," Brown's letter continued.

"But this represents a new level of recklessness."

Fox has not yet responded to the letter at the time of writing. often appears fully nude on television. But only in reflection, sadly.

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