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EA ignores Rock Band listings

USD 199 "pure speculation".

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EA has turned its back on recent retailer listings for Rock Band, dismissing the USD 199.99 price to Eurogamer as "pure speculation".

The publisher was responding to news that US sellers GameStop and Amazon had begun taking pre-orders for the game, as both a bundle and with each instrument sold separately: the game for USD 59.99, drums for USD 80, and microphone for USD 30. Bizarrely the Xbox 360 wireless guitar was set at USD 80 while the PS3 equivalent came in at USD 60.

However, it isn't unusual for large retailers to produce placeholder prices and dates for games so that pre-orders can begin.

Rock Band is the new rhythm-action party game bonanza from Guitar Hero developer Harmonix. But rather than focus on one instrument, this time you'll have four - and be able to play them together with your friends locally or online.

Each of you will follow your instrument's part, and try to get it spot on so you can enter a free-play mode for the big points. Fluff it up and you'll sit out until a friend heats up and pulls of a signature move to reactivate you. It even has downloadable content planned for the future in the shape of full albums.

But the big sticking point continues to be the price, with EA still not ready to confirm how much it will cost. We're promised it will be reasonable, and you don't have to buy the entire lot either, remember.

It's shaping up for a 360 and PS3 release this winter and is followed by our snail-trail of salivated excitement. Head over to our first impressions of the game from this year's E3 to see why we're so shaken up.

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