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More details of MotionPlus in EA Tennis

Plus: Murray! Evert! Navrat! Stich!

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Grand Slam Tennis producer Thomas Singleton reckons "anything is possible" with the new Wii MotionPlus controls.

His game will be among the first to support the clip-on gyroscopic sensor, and he's happy to admit being instantly won over.

"In certain respects I think it has changed the way we look at product design since it allows us to play to our strengths more than ever before," he writes. "It's a great piece of technology and when you combine it with creative minds, anything is possible.

"Wii MotionPlus is something that will appeal to the masses because it is innovative technology that takes the Wii experience to new heights.

"People don't need to know how to play videogames," he adds, "they just need to know how to perform real-life sports motions to enjoy the Grand Slam Tennis experience."

Grand Slam Tennis launches this summer and, for just ten pounds more than usual (RRP GBP 49.99), will come bundled with a Wii MotionPlus attachment.

Singleton reveals that the biggest difference when using WMP to play Grand Slam Tennis will be backswings and the ability to force opponents onto forehand or backhand returns.

Wrist rotation, he adds, can be detected and spin can be added to the ball after contact. And that's not all.

"I'm sure that when I, like many others, have a racket in my hand, one of the first things I do is spin it just like the pros. And with Wii MotionPlus detecting racket rotation, my in-game character can spin its racket too," writes Singleton.

"Personally I enjoy playing the game with and without Wii MotionPlus," he adds. "If I want to play tennis and not have to worry about my backswing and just worry about the ball placement then I'll play with just the Wii remote.

"If I want to get 100 per cent consistency in shot types and want the freedom to run around my forehand or backhand, then I'll play with Wii MotionPlus."

EA also revealed the remaining players that will appear in Grand Slam Tennis, taking the total to 23. These are Andy Murray, Chris Evert, Martina Navaratilova, Pat Cash, Justine Henin, Michael Stich, Lindsay Davenport, Kei Nishikori, Leyton Hewitt and Venus Williams.

Between them they count 135 Grand Slam titles and 50 Wimbledon crowns. Where's Tiger Tim?

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