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MotionPlus impact "spectacular" - Moore

Tiger and Tennis set to benefit hugely.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore is confident the Wii MotionPlus will bring the best out of sports games and get gamers off their sofas in a way the Wiimote perhaps hasn't. In fact, he believes the difference between Wiimote and MotionPlus controls in EA's upcoming Grand Slam Tennis game is "spectacular".

"In simplistic terms if you think about the normal movement you get with the Wii remote, you know you can sit on your couch and flick your wrist and you get the same reaction as if you stand up and do a full swing playing golf or tennis," Moore told FirstCuts (thanks Kotaku) when asked about Nintendo's upcoming Wiimote add-on.

"What the Wii MotionPlus allows you to do is do a true authentic sports motion. When you swing the racquet [in Grand Slam Tennis] and you bring it back for an overhead lob or smash, then that is reflected. The amount of sensitivity that now brings allows true sports motion."

Moore expects the same to be true of the Wii version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, announced yesterday.

"What you can do with Wii Motion Plus is truly bring it back, swing through the club and then it allows you to hit draws, fades and hooks. The really astute golfer can address the ball as he or she would in a real golf game," he said.

Moore was quick to add, however, that, "the game will play as well as any other game with the current Wii remote". It's just that with the MotionPlus, "it becomes spectacular".

With EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis expected on US store shelves in June, speculation is mounting that the MotionPlus peripheral, which Nintendo hopes will allow for 1:1 movement recognition, will be released around then.

For now though, the platform holder is keeping quiet about dates.

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