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E3 2003 Coverage

From the pre-show conferences right through to the final circle-strafe, Eurogamer brings you coverage of this year's trade event in Los Angeles.

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All this week, Eurogamer will be on-site in Los Angeles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. But we aren't planning to sit around chatting to publishers about how brilliant they are, swapping anecdotes about press parties and acting like we're actually cool - aside from a few pre-show press conferences, we're there to play the big games, and tell you how they're shaping up. That means our first impressions of games like Half-Life 2, Nico, Mario Kart, Halo 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Games that matter!

As for the so-called "booth babes", Rupert is coming with us exclusively to photograph women. He literally has no other function, apart from paying for our plane tickets, hotel rooms and so on.

Oh, and we hope you'll forgive us a tiny bit of drunken tomfoolery, and a couple of visits to The Matrix Reloaded, but then again we are only human. We hope you enjoy our ramblings, which will be catalogued below as the week drags on!





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