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Mario and Luigi team up

Oh, and Bowser too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Another interesting E3 debutant this year was Mario and Luigi on the GBA (screenshots), which sees the brothers team up for the first time, in an epic action-oriented RPG. An evil witch steals Princess Peach's voice and replaces it with explosives, and when the pair turn up and find out what happens, they run into Bowser attempting to kidnap the princess. Again. Mario, Luigi and Bowser, in an unprecedented move, decide to unite in order to track down the witch, following her into an unknown neighbouring kingdom.

The game apparently features an intriguing simultaneous control system that enables you to control each brother separately or combine their efforts for special abilities, and a "reflex-testing" battle system, alongside the familiar jumping antics of a traditional platformer. Mario and Luigi is expected to release just before the end of the year.

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