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SOCOM II zips along nicely

Special Needs.

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Although we didn't get the chance to play it [which is shorthand for 'it looked the same' -Ed], SCEA and Zipper Interactive had SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs waiting for us on the show floor this year. Created "in association with Naval Special Warfare Command" (the cat's truly out of the bag these days, isn't it?), SOCOM II will offer a mix of 12 single player and 22 online missions similar to its predecessor, dragging the player and other elite special units across treacherous terrain in Algeria, Albania, Brazil and Russia amongst other countries (not Iraq?).

Players will get to use all sorts of new kit, including the AT-4 LAW and RPG, and will also be able to man machinegun turrets and call in airstrikes in five new online mission types (including 'Escort' and 'Breach'). It won't be hard to find your favourite cannon fodder either with a new friends list, and a player/clan rankings board will let you show everyone else just who's the best of the best of the best of the best. Of the best.

The game is out in the US "this fall", around the same time PS2 owners in Europe will get their hands on the original SOCOM, by the looks of it.

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