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A smidgen of Dead or Alive Online info

We think Tecmo should remake "Way of the Exploding Fist" for extra marketing fun.

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Incredibly, Tecmo took some time out to actually talk about one of its games during its "DOA Girls: From Bare Fists to Bikinis" presentation at E3. While the Tecmo bikini ladies brought a corner of the South Hall to a regular standstill thanks to lecherous basement-dwelling ball-jugglers like Tom, the developer shed some light on the forthcoming Dead or Alive Online. It is apparently Tecmo's intention to bring a perfect rendition of the "sublime" Saturn original to the Xbox alongside a completely redesigned Dead or Alive 2, which is where the online component comes in, coupled with DOA3-surpassing visuals and "scenes portraying the familial relationships between certain characters". Oh and some new costumes.

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