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Squenix reveals Drakengard

Dragons and sister-rescuing and stuff.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Squenix released the first details of its upcoming “profound tragic saga” Drakengard at E3 this year. Developed by a team which has a combined resumé including Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Bust-a-Groove(!) and Ace Combat, the game is an RPG adventure which sees the player as Kyme, a young prince attempting to rescue his sister from his Empire-besieged kingdom. The twist is that his only hope of rescuing her is to form a dragon pact, for which he sacrifices his power of speech (that’s part of the deal).

What follows is a large-scale adventure that has the player engaging in dogfights with other dragons, as well as indulging in some on-foot melee combat. As long as the balance of exploration, character development and fisticuffs appears to be just right, the game’s arrival in Spring 2004 will be looked forward to by us, and hopefully by your good selves as well.

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