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Ubi brings Rainbow Six 3 to Xbox

Who needs a Raven Shield when you've got an Xbox?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubi Soft revealed at E3 (we're only just now picking our way through the mountains of press releases... oh you have no idea) that Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield will be winging its way onto the Xbox in – wait a minute – March 2003? Yeah, we have no idea what they're on about there, but it definitely didn't ship in March.

Anyway, putting bizarre time-travelling ship dates aside, the release doesn't mention anything in particular in the way of exclusive content aside from voice-activated commands and support for multiplayer over Live. Which is nice because while Ghost Recon was fun, we feel Raven Shield is "a measure of immensity greater in its grip on entertainment" (Tom made me do it).

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