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E3: The EGTV Show - Episode 15

Stranglehold and the firing range.

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Guns are an integral part of life in the US, children take them to school and parents use them to solve arguments. But not everyone has what it takes to blow holes in things, as Eurogamer TV found out, so in Episode 15 we decided to pop into Midway to see John Woo action game Stranglehold for a lesson or two.

Its based around the classic 1992 film Hard Boiled, which follows tough cop Tequila as he tries to take down a gang of miscreants. Chow Yun Fat reprises his roll as the renegade law enforcer in the game, and everything from dual-wielding balletic gunplay to slow motion bullet-dodging is recreated for your third-person action splendour. It certainly sounds promising.

With that in mind we headed down to Midway's office in East London and gave the controls to dab-hand Rob Fahey to see what it was all about. Episode 15 captured the outcome, and Johnny Minkley quizzed our infamous play-tester on how he feels Stranglehold is shaping up ahead of its September 7th release.

'Stoked' by all the shooting and undoubtedly 'pumped' at how devilishly intuitive and fun it looked, we decided to continue our journey into the culture by having a blast in a Santa Monica gun range. What follows is absolute destructive carnage from the Eurogamer team, including one amazing moment where Ellie Gibson fires a shotgun for the very first time. It seems she enjoyed it rather too much...

Shoot your way over to Eurogamer TV for Episode 15, now showing.

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