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Dynasty and Samurai join forces

Warriors Orochi due this year.

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KOEI's Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series are set to converge in Warriors Orochi, an ambitious crossover title for Xbox 360 and PS2, due out in the USA on 18th September.

Developed by KOEI's Omega Force outfit, it features 77 playable characters drawn from the two tactical action games, with four "crossover" storylines feeding the player events where characters from either face off against one another.

New mechanics include a three-person tag team "Team Battle System" that allows one character to fight while the other two recuperate, restoring life meters and Musou gauges, as well as "Weapon Fusion", which allows you to combine the attributes of different weapons to build new ones, logically.

You can see how it's shaping up in our Warriors Orochi screenshot gallery.

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