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DX11 patch for Shogun 2 in early May

Anti-aliasing, multiplayer fixes also due.

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A patch adding DirectX 11 support to PC strategy sequel Total War: Shogun 2 is scheduled for the first week in May, developer The Creative Assembly has announced.

The update had initially been promised within two to four weeks of the game's 15th March launch, but as explained in a forum post on the game's official site, that was a little over-ambitious.

"You'll appreciate that all this takes a lot of time and testing, and while we're working as hard as we can, we may not quite make the two to four week post-launch window that we'd originally hoped to hit," wrote community manager Craig Laycock.

"We're aiming to get patch 2 to you in the first week of May though, so not long to wait now. Thanks for your ongoing patience, and please bear with us!"

The DirectX 11 patch will offer those with the necessary hardware access to features "such as hardware tessellation and enhanced shadowing."

The update will also add in anti-aliasing support, as well as a number of multiplayer fixes and modifications.

Total War: Shogun 2 won a hearty 9/10 endorsement from Eurogamer last month.

"Those expecting revelatory improvements in areas like AI may be mildly disappointed by Shogun 2," wrote Tim Stone.

"Those after a sumptious, weekend-whittling strategy epic heaving with flavour and challenge can reach for their uchi-bukuro with confidence. This is a corker."

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