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Shogun 2 to launch without DirectX 11

To be patched in 2-4 weeks after release.

When PC strategy sequel Total War: Shogun 2 launches next week it will not support DirectX 11.

SEGA confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that DirectX 11 support will be patched in through an update scheduled to release two to four weeks after the game comes out.

"We wanted a couple more weeks just to polish the performance of DirectX 11 on a variety of different cards," Creative Assembly communications manager Kieran Brigden explained to Eurogamer this morning.

"We're OK with the stability and the feature set. We just wanted a couple more weeks to tweak the performance on various difference cards.

"We wanted to add this tech in a little bit later. The fans will see the tech patched in in probably two to four weeks from release."

Shogun 2 launches on Tuesday 15th March, meaning DirectX 11 support could arrive as late as 12th April.

Brigden said Creative Assembly was keen not to allow DirectX 11 to cause Shogun to miss its announced release date.

"It's a case of saying, we don't want to delay the core game. That's finished, polished and all good. The game's been announced, we have a release date. A lot of people have pre-ordered. They're keen to get their hands on it," he said.

Even without DirectX 11 support, Brigden said, the game looks the part.

"The game still looks absolutely stunning at top end. There are no resolution restrictions. It looks fabulous. It'll be absolutely playable. All of the features are in there."

Eurogamer's review, set to go live at 4pm today, was based on a version of the game that featured DirectX 11 support. We're promised improved 3D battles, revamped AI, new multiplayer modes and a massive campaign to wade through.