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Dungeon-crawling deck-builder Hand of Fate 2 is heading to Switch

Out next week.

Defiant Development has announced that its enormously enjoyable deck-building dungeon-crawler Hand of Fate 2 is coming to Switch next week, on July 17th.

Hand of Fate 2 is a compelling blend of card-driven tabletop questing and choose-your-own-style adventuring, pitting players directly against the cantankerous, gravelly voiced Dealer - in fact, you'll spend pretty much the entire game in his company, staring across the table into his mischievous eyes.

Every quest that you embark on in Hand of Fate 2 unfolds entirely at the whims of the Dealer's deck - with your map, quests, encounters, and equipment upgrades all printed on cards and dealt onto the table as a campaign plays out. Your options expand even further as you complete campaign missions and unlock new cards to experience on your next adventure.

Cover image for YouTube videoHand of Fate 2 - ESRB - Coming July 17th 2018 to Switch

The vast majority of Hand of Fate 2's engaging fantasy escapades are brought to life at the table simply through wonderfully evocative writing, and the frequent interjections and droll observations of the Dealer - but occasionally you're dropped into more fully realised 3D environments for some third-person dungeon crawling, and Arkham-style combat.

Defiant Development's Switch-bound sequel plays out in very much the same vein as its predecessor, but it does throw in new companion characters, a new map system, new mini-games, and improved combat, for a richer, less predictable experience.

When Hand of Fate 2 arrives on the Switch eShop on July 17th, it will include all the DLC add-ons that have appeared in the PC version since its release last November. Defiant says that more free content will follow post-launch.