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Deck-building dungeon crawler Hand of Fate 2 gets its first free DLC update tomorrow

If you play your cards right.

Hand of Fate 2, Defiant Development's excellent deck-building dungeon crawler sequel, is getting its first round of free DLC tomorrow.

Defiant's first free offering comes in the form of a new character to accompany you on your adventures. Upon completing Hand of Fate 2's final encounter, players will unlock The Dealer, the series' mysterious (but loquacious) games master, as a companion character.

Cover image for YouTube videoHand of Fate 2 Launch Trailer

Companion characters are new to Hand of Fate 2, and exist to offer support during quests and in combat. The Dealer is able to influence your luck during tabletop quests that require gambits (that is, dice rolls, card picks, and other mini-games), but at "great personal cost". In combat, meanwhile, he'll offer assistance with his powerful ranged magic attacks.

The Dealer will be available on PC from tomorrow, December 20th, and will come to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Hand of Fate 2 in 2018.