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DS gets Dementium

Will scare pants off.

The fantastically named Gamecock has unveiled a new survival-horror first-person shooter for DS.

It's called Dementium: The Ward and it tells the story of a man who wakes up in a weird hospital that's seemingly frozen in time. As you jump into his shoes and wander the halls of the infirmary you'll soon be confronted by all sorts of mutated and disfigured nasties - a little like Eurogamer Towers in the morning.

There will obviously be a fair amount of blasting going on, but there's also puzzles and a wacky support cast to add depth.

Developer Renegade Kid is touting the game as the first mature and scary game on the platform, mixing a blend of fancy 3D visuals with creepy audio and visceral gore to set your hair on end.

"Dementium showcases what a powerful piece of hardware the DS is, while drawing in a mature crowd that's looking for a title they can really sink their teeth into," said Jools Watsham, owner and creative director of Renegade Kid.

A release date for Dementium: The Ward has yet to be announced.

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