Dementium: The Ward

Renegade Kid reclaims the rights to Dementium

UPDATE: Developer says it "will be exploring all possibilities" to continuing the franchise.

UPDATE 17/09/2014 5.19am: Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham offered Eurogamer the following statement in regards to Dementium's future:

Dementium: The Ward

Dementium: The Ward

Silent Doom.

For me, scary games need to be rancid, uncomfortable experiences that infect your dreams with sinister snatches of piano, bestial shrieks, and schlocky, slimy noises. Like all your favourite worst nightmares, they should involve trudging through an impenetrable gloom accompanied by an ever-present heartbeat thump, and never quite make sense. The fact that Dementium manages to capture all of this on a humble DS is nothing short of remarkable.

Released to largely warm acclaim in the US millions of years ago by then-newly established publishing upstart Gamecock, it was lauded for its seamless blend of Silent Hill-esque surreality with the raw, unsubtle first-person combat that made us hug Doom like a perplexed therapist.

In true horror gaming style, weirdness abounds; you find yourself waking up in a stinking, derelict hospital without too much of an idea of who you are, or why you're there. The initial similarities to Silent Hill are striking - the dreamlike ambience, the perma-darkness, the exact same mapping system, the lurching, writhing, otherworldly creatures of death, and the 'riddle-me-this' puzzles (which inevitably produce a key to get you beyond those tempting locked doors). The abandoned medical ward even appears to employ the same contract cleaners; Renegade Kid wears its influences proudly, but you'll forgive the more obvious riffs because of the skilful way they're applied.

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DS gets Dementium

Will scare pants off.

The fantastically named Gamecock has unveiled a new survival-horror first-person shooter for DS.