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Dragon's Crown to receive cross-play between Vita and PS3

UPDATE: Now live in Europe.

UPDATE #2: The Dragon's Crown PS3 to Vita cross-play support is now live in Europe. Have at you!

UPDATE: Atlus has confirmed that Dragon's Crown's cross-play update will come to Europe.

It will be the same update that went live today in North America. The Atlus rep I spoke to didn't have a timetable for exactly when the update will hit European shores, but I was told "it should be soon" and that he was looking into it.

Original Story: One of co-op RPG/brawler Dragon's Crown's most disappointing features is that it doesn't allow cross-play between its PS3 and Vita versions. Well that shouldn't be a problem for long as publisher Atlus just revealed that it's adding this feature in an update due "very soon."

Unfortunately, it's only confirmed the update in North America and Japan - where it's already live. But the fact that it's in development for the English-language version shows a lot of promise for European shores. I've reached out to Atlus to see what I can find out about Europe receiving this too and will update if I get confirmation either way.

Our Martin Robinson wasn't incredibly fond of Dragon's Crown. He admired the co-op experience it turned into on harder settings once he'd unlocked online multiplayer and a robust move set, but questioned its decision to bury this content 15 or so hours into the game. "It's a chaotic logic that tries to justify a 15-hour trawl to reach something that resembles the breezy engagement of the scrolling brawler - a genre that, let's not forget, has its roots in 20-minute sessions fueled by 50p coins," he wrote in his Dragon's Crown review.

That being said, he realised he was an outlier, and fans of the genre may still enjoy it. "Some people absolutely love it, and I can see why," he added in a comment. "For me it had its moments, but I wasn't particularly pleased with having to wait so long to get to them. Definitely worthwhile if you're curious, and it shows off the Vita better than anything else."

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