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Vanillaware's 2D brawler Dragon's Crown dated for Europe in October

Select retailers to include an artbook with pre-orders.

Odin Sphere and Murimasa developer Vanillaware's latest brawler/RPG opus Dragon's Crown is slated to come to Europeon PS3s and Vitas on 11th October, publisher NIS America has announced.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon's Crown, it's a beat-'em-up/RPG hybrid where six character classes face off against all manner of fantastic foes. It's directed by George Kamitani, who worked on Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom back in 1993.

Dragon's Crown supports up to four-player co-op, both online and locally. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer cross-platform play, nor Cross-Buy, so those playing on Vita won't be able to play with their friends on PS3. On the plus side, it does support save transferring between the two platforms, so you could bring a Vita to a friend's place and transfer your save to their PS3. [Editor's note: You can only play on one person's file at a time this way as there's no option for a "guest login" or to retrieve a cloud save from another person's PSN account. Thus, you can't each play as your developed characters in the same playthrough.]

Additionally, pre-orders for Dragon's Crown at participating retailers will come bundled with a bonus exclusive art book. NIS America didn't say exactly which retailers this would be, but I'm looking into it and will update as I hear back.

Dragon's Crown came out in North America last week where it received generally favourable reviews - though its grotesque, anatomically exaggerated character design drew some controversy. We'll have our own review of Dragon's Crown coming up shortly, so stay tuned for that.

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