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Dorfromantik will leave Early Access for full release in April


Relaxing strategy game Dorfromantik will finally receive a full release exactly one year after launching in early access.

Over the past year, indie studio Toukana Interactive has made a number of tweaks to the game, most recently adding an undo button that was heavily requested by players.

Other additions include new biomes (Halloween and winter), as well as a creative mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoDorfromantik - Relaxing Village Building Game OUT NOW!

The game began as a project by four students during their studies and has gone on to receive multiple awards, including Best Game at the German Developer Awards.

Players are tasked with dropping hexagonal tiles on a board to gradually build their own pastoral idyll, accompanied by peaceful music.

It received an Essential in our Dorfromantik review, with Bertie describing it as "sunshine on the screen".

Dorfromantik's version 1.0 will be released on PC on 28th April.