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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PlayStation Vita release date

It's last week if you've travelled two weeks in the future.

Underwhelming Doctor Who adventure The Eternity Clock releases for PlayStation Vita on 10th October.

The PlayStation Vita version includes several changes from the poorly-received PS3 original. Optional touch controls have been added, while in-game puzzles have been reworked to better fit the touch-screen.

Cloud saving and the option to continue playing on PS3 where you left off (and vice versa) are both also new.

Finally, new "Gallifreyan medals" have been added for players to collect and drop off in the real world using Near.

"The Eternity Clock is shambolic and underfed, even by the Timelord's previous low gaming standards," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's 2/10 Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PS3 review. Whether the Vita version's changes will make any difference remains to be seen.

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