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DOA: Dimensions hits 3DS in May

Nintendo to handle publishing duties.

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Fleshy 3DS brawler Dead or Alive: Dimensions squares up to retail in May, Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei have announced.

They wouldn't be any more specific than that but did reveal that Nintendo will handle all publishing duties for the European release.

It seems the two outfits are new BFFs of late. Nintendo let Tecmo's Team Ninja have a crack at the Metroid franchise last year with Other M on Wii, and has since allowed it to include a Metroid-themed stage in Dimensions.

This isn't the first time Nintendo's European office has stepped up to publish titles made by major Japanese players. It's worked with Capcom on Zack & Wiki, Monster Hunter Tri, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition; Square Enix on the Dragon Quest series; and Level-5 on the Professor Layton franchise.

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